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Our Services

Welding / Fabrication

  • Tig and Mig welding services

  • Aluminum / Steel / Stainless 

  • Torching / Plasma cutting

Flywheel Grinding

  • Car/Over the road Truck

  • Dual mass / Solid disc

Driveshaft / Steering shaft U Joint replacement

  • Non-replaceable stamped in joints

(subaru,toyota and more)

  • Constant-velocity driveshaft joints

(Chevy, Dodge, Ford)

  • Steering shaft joint replacement

Machine shop services

  • Lathe work

  • Milling machine work

  • Surface grinding

Fly cutting / resurfacing

  • Small engine heads

  • Car and truck exhaust manifold

Line Boring

  • on site availability 

  • Line boring-more than bore to line up holes

Pressing operations

  • bearing / bushing pressing

  • odds and ends

Turn brake drums and rotors

  • resurface brake drums and rotors

Broken bolt and stud removal

  • on site availability 

Repair of hard to find or expensive items

  • Specialize in repairing hard to get or expensive items for a fair price

Prototype work

  • Make prototypes with precision measurements

CAD Design

  • Make custom CAD designs and CAD drawings

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